Logan Evasco, Freelance Communications Director and Impact Climate Comms Visual Web Print Digital Designer.

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I’m a social impact communications designer, community organizer, and environmental activist with 10+ years of experience designing for technology companies, non-profits, community-based organizations, small businesses, and government agencies. I’m a design generalist with tons of experience in the print and digital spaces.

I believe in the power of creativity and visual communication to make an impact, so I founded ClimateCreative.us, a non-profit project built around the tenants of creative professional development, community empowerment, and environmental justice. I love meeting other eco-creatives, so feel free to reach out and just say hi!

I’m super flexible and enjoy jumping into teams to help fill the gaps– whether it’s as an ad-hoc team lead or as a solitary design resource, I’m here to help clarify and execute as needed! 

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Featured Projects


I create dynamic assets for interconnected communication campaigns.


Let's make beautiful, functional print pieces that don't get tossed out.

Web Design & Development

From concept to implementation, I test and build impactful websites that convert.

Arizona Democracy Collaborative Logo

Branding • Illustration
I created a logo and did a micro-branding exercise for this Arizona-based non-profit collective. The exercise included visual research, color selection, font selection, and a brand guideline to get the organization off on the right foot.

Climate Emergency Mobilization Task Force Website

Art Direction • Web Design • Web Development
As former design team chair of the CEMTF I led the creation of the organization's website. I collaborated with a product designer on the wireframes and visual system, then I designed the visual elements, synthesized and wrote copy, and developed the site, which included a custom CMS element build to make editing more accessible.

Invisible International Brand

Art Direction • Branding • Design • Web Design
I worked with the CEO to create a visual style that helped make sense of and tie together all of the organization's initiatives. This touched nearly every element of outreach materials including a website redesign, newsletter development, social media campaign, one-pager update, and more.

Invisible International Social Templates

Branding • Social Design
I specialize in creating turnkey social media templates that save time and simplify the process of social posting. For invisible, I created a brand and a database of templates to help anyone make beautiful posts. I also continue to create ad-hoc posts for them.

True Link Brand & Website

Art Direction • Branding • Design • Web Design
At True Link I project managed, created assets for, and collaborated on the rollout of a rebrand project and all the things that go along with that including a website redesign, updated conference materials, internal swag, and much more.

Mirrorforms Book Cover

Design • Illustration
I collaborated with a Creative Director and the Author to create a whimsical poetry book cover. The series that came out of this exploration, and the final, printed product are both wonderful.

Conference Design

From simple pop-up banners for small conferences to completely custom-built booths for expos, I've managed and done it all!

Numa For Salons Instagram Branding

Branding • Social Design
I created a turnkey visual style, templates, and the first 50 posts for the @numaforsalons social accounts.

Numa Website Redesign

Branding • Web Design
Numa's homepage was in need of an uplift that increased conversion and matched the tone of the product/company. This visual refresh seeks to create more breaking room, assign more meaning to color, and simplify the design to allow more team members to create pages.

Numa Case Study Template

Design • Digital • Print
I created a replicable template and 5 completed case studies for print or digital distrubution.


Speaking &Workshops

Kind words from clients​


As a content marketer, I often work closely with design and have been consistently blown away by the quality, speed, and creativity of Logan’s work as a graphic designer. She has an exceptional grasp of intuitive layout for all pages of our website, infographics, case studies, eBooks, white papers -- you name it -- and the resulting design is the perfect combination of clean, compelling, and accessible.

Having Logan as a team member and coworker is a delight -- she has an amazing, positive attitude, has a knack for asking thoughtful questions, is eager to step up and help others when needed, and produces work that speaks for itself.
Regina Mullen
Senior Copywriter
It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Logan. I was always in awe of her ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. Logan would be an asset to any team.
Archana Lokesh
Head of Sales and Business Development
Logan is an excellent team member and a pleasure to work with. It is easy to entrust Logan with a project and expect great results - as an Art Director she manages team members involved to ensure everyone is working toward the same vision and delivers their parts on time, communicates effectively throughout the duration of any project, and assures that deadlines are met-- even with constantly moving targets.
Vinita Venkatesh
VP Product Marketing

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