Art Direction & Project Management

My Project Philosophy

I believe that the most impactful projects start with a story. Once you identify your project’s core purpose and develop a clear narrative around it, it’s possible to reach a much broader audience in a meaningful way. Because of this, I believe the introduction into a project is one of the most important parts to get right. That’s why brainstorming, storyboarding, and wireframing are consistent parts of the projects that I manage.

My Experience

I’ve project managed visual projects with Replicon, Peace Corps, One World Education, Inc., Frisco Limo, and multiple small businesses. Most recently I’ve been doing with work with Replicon where I manage and work closely with two other contract designers as well as collaborate with our product marketing, copywriting, and front-end/back-end website development teams. One of the largest projects I recently helped to orchestrate was our entire enterprise Wordpress-based website redesign. In this project, my work ranged from visual storyboarding and wireframing to keeping all our stakeholders on time and helping to build pages with the front-end web team.

Graphic Design

Digital Design

I specialize in digital design collateral. Whether it’s e-books and newsletters or social media posts and website graphics, I’ve spent the majority of my career creating digital elements for my clients and employers. I’m fluent in Adobe Creative Cloud with high proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I’m also experienced with After Effects, Lightroom, Sketch, Macromedia Flash, iMovie, and other platforms.

Customer newsletter and demand gen e-book for Replicon
Customer newsletter and demand gen e-book for Replicon

Print Design

My experience in print design ranges from the small, like business cards, all the way to the large, like 20′ x 20′ conference exhibit booths. I’m experienced in Pantone matching, print testing, and last minute print revisions.

Gourmet popcorn package design for Hill's
Gourmet popcorn package design for Hill’s & Dave Popcorn

Branding & Packaging

Branding is interwoven throughout all design. Being able to follow a brand guideline is one thing, but the process of creating one is a whole other beast. I’ve worked with multiple SMBs (and even a government agency) to develop their own communication strategies that include a personalized design aesthetic, slogans, color scheme, logo, and accompanying assets. 

Peace Corps OIG Communication Strategy 2013 | Slogan
“Together we make a better Peace Corps”



Infographics, icons, website content, oh my! I use my illustration skills for all kinds of projects- from spiffing up presentation decks to creating clean, flat design style websites. 

Artist portfolio for painter Annami Van Der Merwe
Artist portfolio for painter Annami Van Der Merwe

Front-End Web Development

I’m highly proficient in HTML, CSS, web hosting implementation, and enterprise content management systems including Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla. My experience as a web developer ranges from working as a one-woman developer for small businesses to project managing a website redesign with the enterprise company, Replicon Technologies. 


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Pro Bono & Low Cost Work

Are you a nonprofit or small business looking for design leadership or digital marketing guidance? I’m currently developing a group of designers and marketers who might be able to help out. Feel free to email me at logan@designitforward.org or check back soon for more information.

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