Mirrorforms Book Cover

I collaborated with a Creative Director and the Author to create a whimsical poetry book cover. The series that came out of this exploration, and the final, printed product are both wonderful.


This was a book cover design project for poet Peter Kline who needed a book cover for his newest anthology. The design problem was to create a cover that matched the tenor and tone of Peter’s poetry and increase readership. Additionally, we wanted Peter to feel excited about the book cover since he didn’t have a say on the visuals of his previous publication.

Our processes: Scoping the project → research → participant observation → initial speedy exploration design round → creative director review → revision and culling round → client selection round → final edits

Collaborative Partner

This was a collaborative project where I had the pleasure of working with an amazing Qualitative Researcher and Creative Director, Lisa Anderson.

3 Rounds of Designs

Thanks to clear design constraints, a participant observation practice, and a talented Creative Director we were able to complete the project in 3 very easy rounds of design with only minor edits in the final round.

Final Design