Design It Forward


Design It Forward is a not-for-profit design research project that I’ve created to explore environmental concerns through a design lense.

The project currently serves two primary groups of people – 1. Designers and 2. Environmental actors (Including community organizers, policymakers, environmental organizations, frontline communities, etc.). The goal is to provide resources, context, conversation, community, and opportunities to designers who want to expand their grasp of sustainability tools in their work while also providing useful design resources and frameworks like design thinking and systems thinking to environmental actors. 

Since January 2019, I’ve been successful in expanding these conversations at events like SF Design Week; in classrooms at USF and SFSU; and at regional community organizations like the Climate Emergency Mobilization Regional Task Force. 



Founder, Researcher


Since January 2019 to present


  • Increase conversations around designer responsibility for end-of-life cycles of what they create
  • Provide sustainability resources, context, conversation, community, and opportunities to designers
  • Support environmental actors and frontline communities with design resources, frameworks, and volunteers
  • Amplify the good work of others
  • Increase opportunities for designers to be involved with regenerative projects 


  • Chair of Design Committee of the Climate Emergency Mobilization Regional Task Force
  • Hosted sold-out event for SF Design Week 2019
  • Spoke at multiple sustainability-minded events including AIGA Compostermoder Fall 2019, launch party, etc. 
  • Supporting initiatives like
  • Acted as community partner for SFSU design department
  • Advised senior design students on final community impact project for SFSU coursework

Speaking & Events


One goal of Design It Forward is to bring sustainability conversations to designers, no matter their background. I’ve been achieving this through workshops, panels, and community partnerships. 


Speaker, Organizer, Community Partner, Facilitator, Guest Lecturer


  • SF Design Week – Design vs. Climate Change: Strategizing for Action Panel (Organizer, Moderator)
  • AIGA SF Compostmodern Fall 2019: The Recycling Debate (Speaker, Panelist)
  • SFSU – DES 505 Senior Project Course (Community Partner)
  • SFSU – PARK(ing) Day Charette (Guest Lecturer, Advisor)
  • USF – Sustainability Systems Design Course (Guest Lecturer) 
  • Launch Party (Panelist) 

Event Follow-up

I think it’s important to make resources as readily available to audiences as possible. That’s why I try to provide my presentation, sources, and more as part of my speaking engagements. 

Example follow-up from Compostmodern: 

Community Action


Another goal of Design It Forward is to add value for environmental organizers where they are. To this end, I’ve been working with a group called “Climate Emergency Mobilization Task Force,” as the Chair of their Design Committee. The CEM TF is a regional task force started by Berkeley Councilperson Cheryl Dalvia to increase regional adoption and passage of declarations of a climate emergency. Additionally, they aim to improve the regional response to climate change through information sharing.

As Chair of the Design Committee, I’ve suggested methods to improve decentralized decision making and action and taught a design thinking professional development exercise to attendees. 


Chair of the Design Committee

Further case studies coming soon.